13th (and last) Summer Share, Week 19

Next week is the start of our fall season so this is the last week of the summer share and the transition is evident. We’re cleaning up the kale planting so there’s a small bunch of Nash’s Green kale in the share, and the chard is looking so good that we harvested bunches of that too. For lettuce it’s the last heads of romaine for the year. Continuing with green things, there’s a small bunch of parsley – an herb that I’ve only come to appreciate more recently as an excellent addition most sautés, added at the beginning to hot olive oil brings out its sweet aroma.

The carrots are sizing up nicely and there’s a good bunch in the share this week. Peppers continue with the Jimmy Nardellos slowing down and the Stocky Reds and Gatherer’s Golds picking up the slack. Tomatoes are slowing way down, with the biggest portions of the harvest coming from the Matinas that we have in the tunnel and the Ulysses that seem to be the only ones ripening outside as the weather has cooled off.

Goodbye summer, come back and visit again next year (if not sooner)!

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