Week 20 predictions – First week of fall

Summer has quickly turned to fall this year, harvest wise, but we still have a few summer holdouts that look like they’ll make it into the first fall share.

We’re going to try to give out one last bunch of basil and whatever tomatoes we can. Peppers should still be producing well – we’re picking them a little under-ripe so you can let them color on your counter (or just eat them with a bit of green – same goes for the tomatoes).

Lettuce and chard will be the greens and we’ll have carrots in the share again (we’re still working through a summer bed of carrots that did great!) We’re planning on a bunch of celery as well.

For the first fall distribution we’ll have bags of potatoes for folks who didn’t get a chance to pick them up earlier. Bags have names on them and we’ll leave them for after hours pick up if you can’t make it to the regular hours. We’re also planning to give out all of the onions, garlic and shallots for the rest of the year in one shot so it’ll be a big day for storage crops. We’ve got Newburg, a yellow storage onion, Cipollini, a flat yellow onion with excellent flavor and good keeping quality, Ed’s Red shallots, another good keeper, and one last head of our garlic crop. These all keep well for months in a dry spot, but they’re also good to eat now so you choose.

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