Predictions for Week 19

Next week is the last week of summer. This week it was feeling like summer was already over and fall was starting, both from the weather and the harvests. Next week it looks like we might get a little more sun but the temperatures are still supposed to be a bit chilly in the evenings. This is perfect weather for greens and roots, and less great for ripening tomatoes.

We’ll still have plenty of peppers next week, and maybe a few more tomatoes. If you’re going into pepper overload, know that they are one of the easiest vegetables to freeze for later use. Simply core and de-seed them and stick them in freezer bags with most of the air sucked out of the bag. I’d recommend letting them sit out on your kitchen counter until they are completely colored before doing this to maximize sweetness.

The chard is looking so good right now I’m tempted to put a big bunch in every share for the rest of the year. I’ve also been making and loving a braised chard recipe from the Spanish cookbook Rustica, with plenty of olive oil and turmeric. There are also lots of chard recipes on the @cookwithwhatyouhave website.

Lettuce is also looking great right now and that should continue for the next month or so before we switch over to chicories.

We still haven’t finished digging that bed of carrots we were working off of earlier this month so expect more carrots next week. I think we’ll head back into the celery as well for a handful of stalks, or maybe even whole heads.

As always there are a few wildcards out there and usually at least one thing I think is certain doesn’t show up for one reason or another, but that’s part of the fun of farming.

If you have a fall CSA share, those start with week 20. I’m working on sending out an email with details so look for that very soon.

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