Week 18 Predictions

Yesterday I did the last crop seeding in the fields for this season, some mustard greens for the late fall shares. They’re covered, protection against flea beetles for now and maybe for cold in the future.

Meanwhile we’re still have two more weeks of summer harvests ahead of us. The late summer fruits will definitely be back in the share: tomatoes and sweet peppers. The basil just keeps looking good so it’s going to be tempting to harvest another round and see how long it will go. For greens we’ll have more lettuce, maybe Nevada, our green crisp, or maybe Samantha, our red leaf, or maybe a choice between the two. Chard is looking great so we’ll go back to that, and we’re also planning to harvest some more of its close relative, beets.

Wild cards for the next few weeks are carrots, which seem to be doing really well, Romano beans are a long shot and we might even open those up for u-pick. Also in the wildcard category are celery, collards and kale.

Summer squash and cucumbers are pretty definitely out at this point after a good two month run.

It’s possible I’m forgetting something out there in the field. The u-pick flowers and culinary herbs are still looking good, as are the cherry tomatoes. There’ll be some ripe hot peppers in that section soon.

If you’re a CSA member, especially a fall CSA member, check your inboxes in the next week for a flurry of emails from the farm on the upcoming season. I’m expecting to put out three separate announcements on different but related topics.

Hope you’re all enjoying the veggies as much as I am!

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