12th Summer Share, Week 18

A bit damp this morning and it looks like that might be the case all week. It makes harvest a little more complicated for us, but the greens love it.

As predicted, tomatoes and peppers are still in abundance, the greens are looking great and the basil is still hanging in there. We also have a nice Bunch of beets with the greens. Somewhat unexpectedly we had a huge harvest of Romano beans today so there’s a nice big bunch of those in the share.

Rounding out the share is the last of the hard neck garlic. It wasn’t a great garlic year for us and we’re considering not growing it again next season. Cucumbers and summer squash showed up at the farm stand in very small quantities, but there’s definitely not enough to put in the shares any longer. Next week is officially the last week of summer and it’s already starting to look like fall, both the weather and the vegetables.

In other news, we just sent out a survey to all present and past CSA members to try to gage interest from our community in being more involved in helping us shape our future. If you’re a present or past CSA member and you didn’t see the email please let us know.

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