11th Summer Share, Week 17

With the bulk of a few greens and an overload of tomatoes and peppers I’m running out of space on the wash table to set up the photo of the share.

Today’s share has Romano beans, carrots, kale, summer squash, cucumbers, sweet peppers, eggplant, parsley, tomatoes and lettuce. Thursday will be similar, but without the eggplant and we may have to substitute a different bunch green.

The kale is just starting to recover from summer so small bunches this week while we get it cleaned up. Squash and cucs are on their way out; we planned on one more week but I’m not sure we’ll make it – the heat played them out early this year.

Beans are back for a week which is exciting. Carrots are looking great so we’re giving them a second week on a row! The fall parsley was looking good so we’re starting to get into that with small bunches.

The peppers are picking up as the tomatoes slow down. We decided to include a few of the sauce tomatoes this week and I’m hoping to have more for sale next week.

Still lots to u-pick, still a bit of extras for sale at the farm stand.

Today is also an additional potato pickup day for fall CSA members. Fall shares start in three weeks but we’re distributing the potatoes now so you can enjoy them when you like. There’s a separate check sheet for those and folks who don’t pick up during regular hours this week will still have an opportunity collect their potatoes in the coming weeks.

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