Week 17 predictions

Despite there being 3 more weeks before the end of summer, it was really feeling a lot like the start of fall this past week. A return to cooler temperatures and even a bit of moisture is reviving the greens and the lettuce is looking really great again. We’ll also either have more chard bunches or maybe a bit of kale next week.

Tomatoes will continue, possibly in slightly smaller quantities, but the peppers should continue to pickup their pace a bit. Summer squash and cucumbers have been valiantly producing for two months now so we’ll probably see a few more of those, but they’re on their way out in the next few weeks.

The carrots looked great this past week and based on what we harvested it looks like we’ll have enough for a big bunch again this coming week.

Eggplant is a wild card and may be in the mix this coming week, or may take another week to size up before the next harvest.

We’re going to try to give out a small bunch of parsley from our new planting. If you want more in the share there’s also parsley in the u-pick patch.

Potatoes will be in the share (as well as a bulk distribution for Fall CSA members – check your emails about that).

Basil and Sauce Tomatoes are at peak production right now and we have bulk quantities for sale. Make big pesto or tomato sauce batches to hold you through until next year put your order in now for bulk quantities. We have about 100# of sauce tomatoes to sell right now and 5-10# of basil. $2/lb on the tomatoes, and $10/lb on the basil, or make us an offer! I’ve been saucing regularly for the last two weeks and it’s delicious stuff!

We also regularly have Padron peppers, Romano beans and a few other items for sale at the stand in small quantities.

As always, the u-pick is open for members and still has lots of herbs, flowers and cherry tomatoes that need to be picked and enjoyed in order to keep producing – don’t be shy!

Hot peppers should be ready soon in the u-pick, but until then we’re selling some Basque peppers from the field that have quite a kick and a lovely flavor. Traditionally they’re dried but they work fresh as well.

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