10th Summer Share, Week 16

I always seem to be running a little behind in posting these photos of the week’s share, but here it is: Chard, tomatoes, basil, sweet peppers, carrots, summer squash, eggplant, cucumber and lettuce.

A few notes on the items in the share are in order, as they are most weeks. The chard bunches, for the most part, are unreasonably large. Martin was cleaning up an old planting of chard that is looking great again and got a little carried away. The tomatoes slowed down significantly with the cool weekend, but we still have a good supply. The basil is getting desperate to flower so we’re having to pick it more often. It’s been an amazing year for the basil so I hope you’re all enjoying the bounty this year, who knows if we’ll see basil like this again for a few years. As the summer squash and cucumbers really start to taper off, the sweet peppers are starting to ramp up so expect more of those in the coming weeks. Last week Thursday got eggplant and this week it’s in Monday’s share. I’m not expecting to harvest it again until next week but we’ll see how that goes.

I had mentioned in the last post that we’ll be giving out larger quantities of onions and potatoes in the coming weeks. I’m hoping that will start in the next week or two, once I figure out how much exactly it is that we have to give out.

As always the u-pick has lots of culinary herbs, cut flowers and cherry tomatoes to take advantage of. We should have larger quantities of basil and sauce tomatoes for special order for at least a couple more weeks but if you want to make sauce take advantage soon as they won’t last forever.

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