Week 16 Predictions

We’re pretty solidly into tomato season now and sweet peppers should stick around for at least another month, two if we’re really lucky. Cucumbers and summer squash should continue for a few more weeks but probably in smaller quantities. We’re back into a regular lettuce rotation that should be consistent into the middle of October.

Likely for next week is chard. Other possibilities include carrots, or maybe celery. All of the potatoes and onions are out of the ground now and are curing. We’ll be giving those out over the next month in slightly larger quantities. We don’t have a great way to store these and we figure if you have them in your kitchen it lets you decide when you want to use them. The onions just need a dry spot and they’ll keep for months on a counter or in a cabinet. The potatoes store well in the refrigerator, or a cool, very dark cabinet. If you’re storing them in a refrigerator a high humidity drawer usually works well, or a plastic bag. They shouldn’t be damp but you don’t want them to dry out and get soft and wrinkly (even if they do they’re fine to eat).

We’re trying to alternate eggplant harvest weeks to give out larger quantities at once. With the shortening days this may or may not work so eggplant in another possible addition at anytime in the next month or so.

The culinary herbs are looking great in the u-pick section and we have lots of them. The oregano, sage, thyme and Mexican tarragon all dry easily for winter use so feel free to cut some larger bunches. I like to dry them by hanging bunches upside down in a paper bag with holes poked in it. The bag lets moisture escape easily but protects the leaves from light, which fades the color, and from dust, which is impossible to remove.

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