9th Summer Share, Week 15

The tomatoes are on! The share has lots of slicers and saladettes today. If you’re feeling at all like you won’t eat them fresh, cook them down a little and freeze the sauce for a treat this winter. To go with the tomatoes we have another nice bunch of basil. I’ve been eating the leaves on my sandwiches instead of lettuce, but pesto and caprese salad are two other popular uses. Lettuce is making a comeback this week. Shown is a crisp head but we have assorted varieties so there’s some choice. Summer squash and cucs are slowing down but they’re still producing. The sweet peppers are still mostly ripening, with Jimmy Nardello in the share again this week and more to come. The last of the red onions (not pictured) are in there too, and we’ll have more yellow onions soon. Rounding out the share is a nice bunch of beets. This time of year I like to cook them and then eat chunks cold on salad. The tops are also good cooked like chard.

Remember to check the Cook With What You Have website for more ideas on how to use the veggies. Check the farm stand for extras, especially on tomatoes and basil – and email me soon if you want to order large quantities for preserving this year. As always, cherry tomatoes are available to members in the u-pick section and there are lots of ripe ones right now!

Apologies for no prediction on the share last week. I took the day off to head down to the OSU Cultivation Field Day and completely forgot to make a post. I’ll try to get back to predictions on Friday.

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