8th Summer Share, Week 14

Left to right in the photo: celery, Siskiyou Sweet onions, summer squash, tsakoniki eggplant, cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet peppers, and chard.

As predicted the lettuce is on vacation for a week but it’s looking like it might be back next week. The chard is beautiful right now so it’s providing a bit of green and bulk to an otherwise super dense share. The celery is the other green. The leaves are useable but in large quantities tend to add a little bitterness. The stalks add tons of flavor to salads or soups.

Tomatoes are all on at this point and I’ll try to do a post at some point with more information on the different varieties. Some folks have asked about buying bulk quantities for saucing and that will be possible. We planted an entire row with that in mind – email me if you’re interested and we can figure the right quantity and timing for you (the same goes for basil).

We brought in all of the remaining onions and shallots over the last two weeks. We’ll be giving those out over the next couple of months. Again, I’ll try to do a separate post on the selection we have and key features. This week is the last distribution of Siskiyou Sweet, a walla-walla sweet type, great raw, but also good cooked, and perfect for onion rings.

Eggplant are in today’s share but won’t be in Thursday’s as Thursday got their first round of eggplant two weeks ago. We’re going to try to continue alternating harvest weeks in an attempt to give out larger quantities fewer times over the course of the summer.

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