Week 11 Predictions

Looks like another hot one. The tomatoes are soooo close but it may be two weeks before the first ones actually turn ripe. We picked a handful of eggplant on Thursday, but there probably won’t be enough of those for a couple of weeks either. While we wait for the tomatoes and eggplant we’ll continue with cucumbers, summer squash, and lettuce as staples in the share. Yesterday saw basil in the share, and a few padron peppers as an option and Monday will see the e either next week or the week after, depending on how they recover from yesterday’s harvest. We have a new planting of chard that looks like it might be ready for a first pick next week. We’ll check back and see if more carrots might be ready. Onions and/or garlic are also possible additions. Celery is on the harvest plan and it’s looking good for a few first stalks – more for mixing into a dish than eating raw, but definitely a great addition to salads or soups.

We got more done last week than I expected. Fennel, cabbage, and kohlrabi for fall harvests all got planted a week early. We were a bit short on our lettuce planting but we stuck every last plant we had into the ground and we’ll try to catch up with some later seedings. The peppers got tied (above photo – just before getting tied), finally, and look like they already have a good set of fruit – although it won’t be ripe for at least a month or more. The parsnips even got weeded! Still plenty of work to do on the farm but things are looking good right now.