5th Summer Share, Week 11

I was surprised to see the Romano beans ready to pick this morning when I got to the farm. The chard was also big enough but due to an excessive number of aphids we switched to kale bunches at the last minute. Lettuce, summer squash and cucumbers are still looking good. Carrots are back and a a little cleaner and bigger than before. We cleaned up the celery today, lots of great flavor in the stalks to add to salads. Basil didn’t make it into the photo but it’s in the Monday share (Thursday got it last week).

The tomatoes and eggplant are so close but just not quite ripe yet. As usual, flowers and culinary herbs are available in the pick your own section and we have clippers and can give tips on how to cut them. They’re good fresh but you can also take some to dry if you like. Hanging them in a brown paper bag with holes usually works well for drying and keeping the color if you don’t have a dehydrator, especially in this weather.