Week 7 Predictions

For the first week of summer it looks like we’ll have a few holdovers from spring, namely snap peas and snow peas, and at least one new summery item, cucumbers. The likely bunching green for the week is collards, and we should have a nice head of lettuce as usual. Carrots are likely, although we’ve been having trouble with rust fly damage so I’m not sure what they’ll look like. It’s possible that we’ll see the return of a last round of arugula and radishes, the favas might also make an appearance. We’ll check on the garlic and perhaps we’ll have fresh heads ready. Broccoli was in our plan for this week but it’s looking like it might need at least one more week, hard to say. No matter what the actual items in the share, the fields are looking pretty good and more summer items like the squash in the phone above will be ripening in the next few weeks.