Final spring share for 2018

This is week 6 if you’re counting along. Next week is the first week of summer but before we look ahead, here’s what is in this week’s share: beautiful green cabbage, red beets with the tops (which are very similar to chard), snow peas, the last of the green onions, a small bunch of carrots (more on those below), lacinato rainbow kale, two! heads of lettuce, and a handful of basil.

A note on the carrots: after bunching them in the field this week and then cleaning them off in the shed we realized that the rust fly had found them. Most of the damage, while ugly, is still somewhat superficial, meaning you can easily peel or cut it off. We’re now covering the later plantings to prevent further damage.

One more note on packaging: we’ve been making you all count quite a few items this spring instead of bagging them or using rubber bands. Our intention here is to generate less waste, especially of the plastic sort. We’d love to hear back if the extra effort is worth it to you or if you’d prefer more pre-bagged and bunched items.