Week 10

We had a robust weeding and transplanting session this afternoon.  All of the hardiest winter salad greens are in the ground: radicchio, escarole, and sugarloaf chicory.  Also, the last seeding of carrots went in the ground today, the ones we’ll be eating in November.  There’s still a lot of hand weeding and trellising to do before we feel more or less caught up, but we are making progress.

A quite colorful share today!   Thursday’s share should be similar but may have slight variations.

New Potatoes! “Yukon Gold” – A nice haul of bigger than expected Yukon Golds.  It’s a multipurpose variety that is good for boiling, baking and frying but will also withstand grilling, pan frying, and roasting.

Onion “Red Long of Tropea” – Slice in half lengthwise, add oil all over, and grill!  Or you can use for any red onion purpose (and the tops for green onions)

Tomato “New Girl” – The first of the season from the hoophouse – just one per share.  New Girl is an all-purpose slicing tomato.  A few shares got the heirloom “Black Krim” which is the other variety in the hoophouse.  Many more varieties will be coming later from the field plantings.

Parsley – would go well with roasted or baked potatoes.


summer squash – one zucchini and one yellow patty pan


radish – just a couple

swiss chard – leaf miners have taken a serious toll on this planting, but we scrounged a small bunch for everyone.

lettuce – “dark green romaine”