Thank You!

I want to publicly thank all the folks who contributed to the farm’s Barnraiser campaign to help buy a new walk behind tractor and implements.  Thanks to each and every one of you!

Joe Slaughter, Becky Reddaway, Anya Hankin, Sam Slaughter, Anthony DeFalco, Stephanie Parrish, Ethan Flaherty, Jenny Bedell-Stiles, Kirsten Burt, Rebecca Neel, Chad Dermann, Amanda Kolker, Paul Rudwick, Linette True, Ginny Sorenson, Jane Rieger, Martin Vandepas, Matthew Mavko, Eudaimonx LLC, Gabe Finch, Anna Gordon, Willa Slaughter, Marian Grebanier, David Palomino, Bean Head Farm, Dennis Karas, Silas Meredith, Ann Goldstein, Diane Tevlin, Jamie Slaughter, Jane Goldstein, TM, Schuyler Smith, Donna Henderson, Nancy Gordon, Barbara Neel, Becky Cobb, Don Cushing, and Dennis Lewandowski.

Wow, what a lot of awesome support!  Thanks to you all the farm is looking and producing better than ever!