20131029-092531.jpgIn the share today:

napoli carrots – a new variety.  I think they are quite sweet right now.  Good for cooking or fresh eating

fingerling potatoes – probably your last helping of these.

“thelma sanders sweet potato” acorn squash.  An heirloom from Missouri, here’s what Territorial Seeds has to say about it: “Tender, sweet and delicious, Thelma Sanders’ cooks up to a buttery-soft texture and unmatchable flavor. ”

“king richard” leeks – some are a bit bigger this time around, which makes me happy.

tomatoes – could be the last or near the last from the hoophouse.

cucumbers – ditto

collard greens – slugs have been doing a number on these guys, but they still taste good!

lettuce – a head of ‘winter density’ romaine, and a head of ‘nevada’ (a batavian or french crisp type).

How about using the leeks and the squash for a little presidential soup?http://clinton4.nara.gov/WH/EOP/First_Lady/html/Recipes.html

You could probably add those potatoes in there too if you want…