20131025-084157.jpgHey folks!

A new winter squash for Thursday peeps today: Delicata — see the previous post for info on this delicious variety.

There are a couple sweet peppers from the hoophouse and the field — definitely the last from the field, but the hoophouse may yield another harvest later down the road.

Carrots today are the last of the Scarlet Nantes variety, which got nice and large.  You will probably notice some with little dark spots or lines.  This is from the carrot rust fly larva – just cut out those spots.  They are usually not very deep into the carrot.  Don’t worry there are lots more carrots of other varieties still in the ground.

The collard greens today are a new variety “Cascade Glaze.”  They have a shiny waxy, glossy surface which supposedly helps it protect itself against cabbage worms that munch on them, but apparently it doesn’t work well against slug bites.  The slugs have been quite active lately even through all this dry weather.  There’s enough moisture from the dew in the morning to keep them happy I suppose.  So the collards don’t look too pretty, but taste just fine.

There are 4-5 leeks in this share today – again the variety is King Richard, which seems to be quite tall and tasty.  I think this variety is sweeter than some.  Please let me know if you get any fibrousness in the center of your leeks.  I tried to make sure any of the too-firm stems with bolting stalks were not included in the shares.

The potatoes are the red skin/red flesh Mountain Rose, probably the last you Thursday-ers will see of these guys, though there will be some more fingerlings.

2 tomatoes and 2 heads of lettuce round out the share.  As you probably know by now, if you want the tomatoes to ripen up a bit more, leave them out for a couple days on the counter at room temperature.  Same with the peppers!

Here’s something to try with potatoes and leeks: a gratin — you can use a cheddar cheese instead of the more expensive gruyere.   http://localfoods.about.com/od/winter/r/potleekgrati.htm