Cippolini’s and cabbage oh my!

The cippolini onions you got today are a treat.  They are sweeter than regular onions.  I would try roasting them whole in the oven with the whole beets as well.  You can also try making a salad dressing with one of them: saute in olive oil on medium high heat whole until very brown on both sides, let cool, then dice and add to a vinaigrette dressing instead of garlic perhaps.

You have half of a larger savoy cabbage, or a few whole tiny cabbage heads.  Savoy cabbage is great sliced very thin for a slaw or salad.  Or roast it in a hot oven with some olive oil and salt at 400F for 15 minutes.  Then maybe serve with the roasted cippolinis and beets.

Your winter squash today is very decorative acorn called “Carnival.”

The fingerling potatoes are Russian Banana this time.  This is the variety typically found in stores when labeled fingerling (I believe), and they do seem to be a much better producer than the Laratte’s that we have had previously in the share.  You could also roast these and add it to the other roasted vegetables (above).  I love fall/winter root roasts.

I mentioned beets already — the fall plantings are slowly but surely sizing up so you will see some more of them before the share’s over.  Remember you can use the greens too if you like.  They are a good replacement for chard or spinach in recipes.

A couple cukes and tomatoes, lacinato kale, and 2 butterhead lettuces round out the share.