20131015-105412.jpgToday’s share moves us more fully into fall, with just a hint of summer hanging on.

Leeks are a first for Monday shares today.  They are thin, but fairly tall, and very sweet.  This variety is King Richard.  You may find that some of them have an inner core that’s different than the outer sheaths.  This is the beginning of a bolting flower stalk.  I tried to take out any of them that seemed too tough, so hopefully you’ll find that this inner part is still tender enough to cook with.  If you find any dirt inside the inner parts of the leeks, an easy way to clean it is to first cut the leek lengthwise down the middle, then run water over the insides to wash the dirt out.  I like using leeks anytime I’d normally use an onion – saute’s, soups, stir fries, etc.  They are a bit more tender so may require a little less cooking time.

Fingerling potatoes are back.  You will probably see them alternate with the reds for a bit.  More carrots this week, too.  I keep sending carrots your way because I am waiting for the beets to size up a bit more.  But there will be more beets before this year is through!  The summer veggies that are hanging on are the tomatoes in the hoophouse (slowly ripening, but ripening nonetheless), and the hoophouse cucumbers.  So you will continue to see small amounts of them as long as I have them.  You have a green butterhead and a romaine lettuce today (Optima and Winter Density).  Also swiss chard.

The winter squash today is “Carnival” and I’m super excited by its gorgeous coloration.  I had one last night and it’s quite sweet as well.  Half it, de-seed it, brush with olive oil, put face down in a pan and bake @ 425 for 40 minutes..  add a bit of butter and mush it up…. yum!

Here’s to a sunny October!  It looks like it’s going to stay this way for the rest of the month.  Yikes, I’m going to have to start irrigating again!  Tomorrow I’ll be planting out most or all of next year’s garlic with a group of high school students from Mt Scott Learning Center.  Off to prep the beds!  cheers, Matt.