I tried to catch the very complete rainbow from Monday in the top picture but I think it was pretty much gone by the time I snapped the shot.  This is a very diverse and abundant share!  We have summer and fall in equal portions here…

rainbow swiss chard – a giant bunch – the leaves are practically overflowing the bins!
– brussel sprout tops – I top the brussel sprout plants to encourage them to put more energy into the sprouts, and to help all the sprouts to mature at the same time. You can treat these tops like loose brussel sprouts or kale/collards. Sauteing or steaming would be my recommendation.
– lettuce – 1 head of “winter density”
– cucumbers – 2 – some of you got an asian cuke as one of the two. Cuke production is definitely tapering off.
– Romano beans! – a surprise return curtain call for these guys… I was surprised to see so many beans on the plants again! I hadn’t picked them in a month or so.
– tomatoes – 3-4
– carrots – “scarlet nantes”
– fingerling potatoes – “Laratte” is the variety. Some have some damage from a little insect friend eating at the surface, but it seems to come off easily with a little peeling.
– 2 “sweet REBA” acorn squash – First winter squash of the year! Hurrah! I am a big fan of winter squash. They are relatively easy to grow, they produce a lot of food, they keep well, they are easy to cook, and they are delicious. A great local food for fall/winter/spring eating. I personally halve and roast acorn squash in the oven with a bit of olive oil on the interior flesh (which I place face down on the pan to avoid drying out). Or you can put a bit of water in the pan instead of oiling the squash. I like to eat them with butter, salt, pepper, and grated parmesan cheese. Cook time is about 40 minutes at about 400F degrees (until they are soft all the way through including the skin). By the way this method of cooking squash works for any type of winter squash though the cooking time may be different.
– 2 sweet peppers – their production is going way down as well. You’ll probably see a few more here and there in the share but not too much.