20130927-151550.jpgIn your share:

garlic – 2 heads

tomatoes – 2.4 lbs

2 cukes (a few of you got an extra “lemon” cuke from the children’s garden)

3 sweet peppers including 1 Jimmy Nardello, 1 Gypsy, and 1 other miscellaneous pepper

bunch of “scarlet nantes” carrots

bunch of golden swiss chard

eggplant: 3 dark purple miscellaneous varieties, 2-3 long skinny Japanese eggplant

head of romaine lettuce – “Parris Island Cos” is the variety again

Lots of eggplant today!  Look back through the last bunch of posts for some eggplant ideas.  Or if you have some other ideas, post them to the new google group: https://groups.google.com/d/forum/cnf-csa

Zucchini is all finished for the year.  I imagine this next week we’ll get into a new crop or two as the fall weather has put some serious brakes on the warm weather crop production.  The hoophouse and greenhouse are all closed up again against the wind and cold.  I bought a new (to me) mower this week after the previous one was stolen from the farm last week – and boy am I excited to use it!  Now if it would just stop raining all the time I could mow down all the weeds that are trying to go to seed.  The new mower has a lot more power than the old one so it will be much faster to mow through tall crop residue and grass.  Labor is the biggest cost in farming, so anything that cuts down on the time it takes me to do something makes a big difference over time.

Rain will bring with it some indoor activities for your farmer such as catching up on bookkeeping, processing and storing garlic and onions, researching some of the crop problems I’ve had this year, and beginning to do some of the planning work for next year.  And many cups of tea!