Lots of sweet peppers in this share.  I didn’t grow any hot peppers for the CSA so don’t worry about that.  The long thin red ones are Jimmy Nardello, a sweet Italian frying pepper.  The yellows are called Gatherer’s Gold.  If you got a purplish one that’s called Iko Iko.  The rest are various shades of red and orange and include: Stocky Red Roaster, Shepherds Ramshorn, Lil Bells, & Gypsy.  Try them in salads, stir fries, or braises.

There’s a lot of lettuce heads ready right now so there are 2 in every share.  We may go through a lettuce withdrawal again here in a couple weeks due to a gap in planting, though hopefully the later planting will catch up and that won’t happen.

On the carrots there is some carrot rust fly damage.  You’ll see little brownish trails.  It should be pretty easy to cut out or scrape off the surface.  Usually I don’t see this until the fall & winter carrots but I guess I left this planting in long enough that those little guys had a chance to do their thing.

This is the last of the Siskiyou Sweet onions.  Next week we will probably be on to Valencia, a yellow spanish type.  I think the rest of the produce you’re familiar with by now.

Powdery mildew has shown up in a big way by now on the winter squash plants and some of the zucchini plants as well, signaling the coming of fall.  But the winter squash seems to have had plenty of time to put out lots of healthy looking fruits, and the zucchini seems to be still producing fairly solidly for the moment.

cheers, Matt.