CSA share 9/1/11

Hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend. Both Matt and I were gone (backpacking and in Southern California) and I was in charge of sending the email. Better late than never…..

Here’s what was in your share last Thursday:
– “australe” lettuce: 2 heads
– “lacinato” kale- 1 bunch
– carrots – 1 bunch “scarlet nantes”
– beets – 1 bunch
– cucumbers – 1-2 each
– zucchinis – 1-2 each
– “tavera” green beans- ~1.3 lbs
– “siskiyou sweet” onions – 2 each (the last harvest, from now on we will have red onions and yellow storage onions intermittently for the rest of the season)
– sweet peppers – “gypsy” are the whitish ones and “jimmy nardello” are the longer green ones (about halfway there towards red, this next week there should be some fully red ones)

– tomatoes — ~1.5 lbs each. The small round ones are ‘early girl’ and ‘stupice,’ The larger ones are called ‘italian heirloom’ and there may be some black crim and “jean flamee” mixed in this week and next. The harvest will get bigger each week if it stays dry and warm)

– cilantro – 1 bunch
– basil — ~0.3#
– flowers!

Upon the first field walk of this week there are many more tomatoes than last week as well as a good amount of red Jimmy Nardello peppers. Good work with the chanting.

See you Thursday!

-Michael and Matt.

PS – save the date: Sunday September 25th will be our Harvest Party. Details coming soon, but expect an early afternoon potluck with music and such! You and your loved ones are invited.

In other news, we are beginning to implement our garden education grant that we received in June by presenting curriculum to teachers at Trinity Lutheran School and recruiting Concordia University Students to be teaching volunteers for K-2 students at Trinity Lutheran School. We hope to start classes by the end of September and build an outdoor garden structure by the end of October. With the building of a 20′ by 48′ greenhouse in the field as well, the farm should be looking different by the end of the year. Talk to us at pickup if you’d like to know what is going on or be involved.


Michael Tevlin Cully Neighborhood Farm

503 730 7148
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By michael brian tevlin

Farmer and life-skills trainer for people with disabilities.

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