CSA share 8/25/11

Sorry this is late…

Here’s what was in your share yesterday:
– lettuce: 1-2 heads depending on size
– carrots – 1 bunch "scarlet nantes" — a new variety)
– cucumbers – 3 each
– zucchinis – 2-3 each
– swiss chard – 1 bunch
– cabbage – 1 head of savoy "famosa" — this is the last cabbage for a while (i can hear the collective sigh if relief)
– green beans! – ~1.3 lbs — finally they are here. The variety is "tavera." you can expect some of these for the next few weeks.
– "siskiyou sweet" onions – 2 each
– sweet peppers – "gypsy" are the whitish ones and "jimmy nardello" are the longer green ones. All of these are thinnings, picked green to create more airflow in the plants so other peppers don’t rot. These are both sweet peppers that will turn red. You hopefully will start seeing some mature red ones of both of these varieties soon.
– tomatoes! — ~0.75 lbs each. The small round ones are ‘early girl’ and ‘stupice,’ The larger ones are called ‘italian heirloom’ (which i’m pretty sure is not the original Italian name). You can expect to see some tomatoes each week for a while now as long as the weather keeps up.
– chives – 1 bunch
– basil — ~0.3#
– dill – 1 bunch
– flowers!

"Eggplants, peppers, and tomatoes!" That’s what we hope September will bring lots of. So if you ever have a free moment, feel free to chant that little mantra to the weather gods.

This week we planted salad turnips for the fall and more salad mix (mostly for restaurant accounts, but you may see some of it in your box). The farm is looking good! A big thanks to our awesome volunteers: Diane, Ryan, and Nori. And to our neighbors Marge, Beth, Mike, and Ron. We couldn’t do it without you! Oh and of course a huge thank you to Trinity Lutheran Church. This week we donated about 50 lbs of zucchini to their food pantry.

See you next week!

-Matt & Michael.

PS – save the date: Sunday September 25th will be our Harvest Party. Details coming soon, but expect an early afternoon potluck with music and such! You and your loved ones are invited.

Matt Gordon
503-310-5766 cell

By michael brian tevlin

Farmer and life-skills trainer for people with disabilities.

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