CSA share 9/8/11

Wow it’s already September! That means there’s only about 8 more csa harvests left in the regular season. We’ve really been enjoying the heat wave since we didn’t get much of it in july and august, and so have the summer veggies like tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. This week we seeded fall radishes, cilantro, and arugula. We’ve taken our onions and winter squash off of irrigation in order to start curing them for storage. The tomatoes stopped getting watered a few weeks ago to help them ripen up as well.

Here’s the lowdown for this week’s share:
– Red torpedo onions — ~4 onions – these are a fresh red onion, good for grilling or roasting, or just plain slicing up
– beets – 1 bunch w/ greens
– carrots – 1 bunch "scarlet nantes"
– chard – 1 bunch
– eggplants – 3 or so fruits
– peppers -"jimmy nardellos" 3 or so each, "gypsy" 1 each — the sweet peppers are turning more and more red. If you leave them out on your counter they should redden even more. The redder they are the riper they are and the sweeter they’ll be.
– garlic — 2 heads of "italian easy peel"
– lettuce – 1 head of "australe", 1 head of "winter density" (the romaine)
– green beans – ~0.7# "tavera" beans — this may be the last week of these, but maybe not.
– summer squash – ~2 zucchinis
– cucumbers – ~3 fruits
– basil ~0.25#
– tomatoes – ~2.5# of various varieties: black krim, cherokee purple, green zebra, costoluto genovese, italian heirloom, early girl, stupice, juan flammee, and more…

Next week we should have enough hot peppers to give everyone some.
Our flowers don’t do as well in the heat as you may have noticed since we don’t have refrigeration at the farm. We try to pick them early and keep them in the shade, but still they don’t last that long. Let us know if it’s worth it to you for us to pick them.

REMINDER! September 25th Sunday 3pm is our farm harvest party. Invite anyone you want. It’ll be a potluck and we’ll provide some food too, as well as some musical entertainment.

cheers, Matt

Matt Gordon
503-310-5766 cell

By michael brian tevlin

Farmer and life-skills trainer for people with disabilities.

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