6/16 share

Here’s a rundown of today’s share:

– mixed lettuce ~0.4 lbs
– head lettuce: “sucrine” is the romaine variety, and most of you got “australe” as the butterhead (2 of you got “pirat” like last week)
– kale (variety “red ursa,” one of two that you will get from the farm) – 1 bunch
– giant red mustard – 1 bunch
– broccoli raab  ~0.6 lbs
– french breakfast radish – more than a pound
– hakurei salad turnips – more than 2 lbs!
– fennel “perfection” – 1 bulb
– snap peas – just a taste this week – should be more next week
– oregano – 1 bunch
– cilantro – 1 small bunch

I added a “Recipe Share” page to the website.  The idea is that CSA members can add recipe ideas they’ve liked using items from the CSA.  You can leave your recipes as ‘comments’ on the page and see what others have been doing as well.  Here’s the link: www.cullyneighborhoodfarm.org/recipe-share

As always, we are glad for any feedback you have for us!
cheers, Matt & Michael

Here’s a recipe for broccoli raab and then one that uses kale and broccoli raab.

Sauteed Broccoli Raab

Gourmet magazine; 10 minutes to table; serves 2

1 lb broccoli raab, hollow stems discarded
1 Tablespoons unsalted butter
1 clove garlic, chopped

Cook broccoli raab in a large pot of boiling salted water until just tender, about 4 minutes, and drain in a colander.

Melt butter in same pot over moderate heat, then cook garlic, stirring, until fragrant, about 30 seconds. Add broccoli raab, tossing gently in butter to coat, and season with salt and pepper.

Linguine with broccoli raab and kale

Time: 20 Minutes

Serves: 4


1 lb. linguine (or your favorite pasta)
4 tbsp. of olive oil
1 small yellow onion
2 cloves garlic
1 bunch of broccoli raab
2 leaves of kale, cut into strips
1/2 cup of toasted pinenuts
2 tbsp. scallions
4 lemon quarters
1/4 cup fresh grated parmesan

Saute the onion and garlic in olive oil until softened.
Add broccoli raab, and saute until until slightly soft but still maintains some crispness.
Add strips of kale and cook until they are just wilted.

At the same time cook pasta until al dente, and toast pinenuts in a dry saute pan over medium heat.

Place Linguine in large bowl and drizzle with olive oil.

Gently mix in sauteed veggies and toss.

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