It’s Spring!

We got a sunny, warm start to spring and yesterday we were able to get a good number of beds prepared, planted and covered with row cover! All of the plants that we planted in the last weeks of winter are kind of hanging out, waiting for these warmer, longer days to really start growing. The first seeds we put in the ground a few weeks ago have finally germinated. I don’t love using row cover for many reasons, but it does help us give the earliest crops a little jump start, warming up their little microclimate slightly, and protecting them from any little hail storms that might damage leaves. Fingers crossed the weather continues to be mild, with just enough rain to keep us from having to irrigate.

Another early spring marker, today we sold out of our spring CSA shares! If you’d like to get on the waiting list please send an email – every so often we do have a spot open up. Summer, fall and winter all still have space so you can still sign up for one of those.

For those of you who did get a spring CSA share before they sold out, I’ll be sending out more info about our first shares this coming week. As planned they’ll start out small. The main reason for starting the spring CSA so early is simply to give you all the opportunity to taste some of the unique flavors from this time of year where we’re transitioning from the crops planted in 2022 that have gone through the winter, and into the super early crops. Things change fast this time of year, and you’ll definitely see that through the season.

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