Sixth Fall Share

The final share of the season: frisée, black radish, rutabaga, collards, leeks, carrots, radicchio and popcorn. The popcorn is Dakota Black which we’ve grown on the farm for a few years now. I posted a video on IG a few years ago that shows how I pop it. It’s an extra big share of carrots this week and we also added frisée since we’ll have an extra week until the next pick up – which will be the first winter season pick up. I’ll be sending out email on details for folk who signed up at the end of December. We’ll keep the farm stand going, too.

Today was a bit tricky in the way harvests can be this time of year. We had to delay our start time to let the sun come out and thaw the heavy frost. We also had to start by harvesting roots and wait even longer for the greens to warm up, the exact opposite of how we harvest in the summer. The sun felt good though and even with the late start we managed to get it all done. We have one more harvest this year on Monday. Fingers crossed the weather cooperates. If so the shares will look pretty much the same.

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