Field Notes 4/22

We’ve gotten a bit spoiled the past few springs with relatively warm dry weather but this spring is taking me back to some years where it just seemed to never warm up or dry out. That said, we did end up getting quite a bit done on the packing shed remodel on Monday, and yesterday was dry enough to plant a couple of sections of beets and lettuce, plus some fill in lettuce from an earlier planting that was a bit short. I brought the #farmhandcart back to the farm (see my appreciation post @slowhandfarm on instagram) and it was great for moving the seedling flats into the field. Tiiu used it to transport all of the T-posts out to the field for our peas, which are just about to start climbing. It was even dry enough by mid-day That I was able to pull a hoe through a bunch of germinating weeds in the early kale, collard, green onion and fava plantings.

This spring is showing the shortcomings of our little greenhouse where we grow all of the starts for the farm. The constant damp and cold is showing me I need to install more circulating fans and to take measures to at least keep the sensitive crops warmer. For a few of the summer crops, like sweet peppers, I reseeded after the first round was really decimated by the cold. Fingers crossed it warms up and we can speed up the second rounds of some of the crops. Just like every year, the mix of what we plan for will be a little different than what we end up harvesting in the end, based on all of the variables, including weather. And just like every year I’m pretty confident that the diversity of what we plant and the experience behind the plan will be insurance that we’ll still spend the whole season eating well from the farm.

For those of you keeping track: less than a month to go until our first planned harvest now – most of what’s planned for the early harvests actually looks really good right now – and we still have 10 CSA spring shares available. The spring season is a short one and the shares are a little smaller so it’s a great way to try out CSA if you haven’t been a member before.

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