Field Notes 4/16

The weather is still cold and it looks like there’s lots of rain coming, too. We managed to sneak in more planting, field work and even a bit of cultivation and wash/pack area renovation this past week. Due to Monday’s snow we delayed that day’s work until Friday, and that was definitely a good call in the end.

This past week we planted lettuces, green onions, collards, kale, parsley and beets. The first seeding of arugula is coming up and the earliest carrots are just poking through the ground. The early peas are starting to elongate, finally outgrowing the pea leaf weevil we get every year. The last of the cover crop and standing crops from last season are now down and turned in, all of the beds on the farm should be full by the middle of next month, at least for the first time. We’ll plant quite a few twice in the season.

The perennial herb section in the you-pick area on the farm is looking fantastic right now and I’d encourage neighbors to stop by and pick some fresh oregano, thyme, chives, lovage, and sage if you’re in need. @hoverflyflowerfarm’s overwintered flowers are looking great, too, and Sarah knocked back the weeds in the raspberries yesterday so fingers crossed there’ll be a good supply of raspberries on the canes for grazing during CSA pick ups and farm stand hours this summer.

The spring CSA starts in just over a month and we still have quite a few shares available for all seasons, except for next winter which is almost sold out at this point. Please sign up soon and let your friends and neighbors know, too!

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