10th Summer CSA Share Predictions

Looking out at the fields I think we’re going to see the trend of the last few weeks continue: more tomatoes, fewer summer squash and cucumbers, possibly some carrots and onions, likely some chard, and a head of lettuce too, I hope. The tomatoes have been doing well, one of the few crops that seems to be completely loving the weather hotter, drier weather. Our new planting of chard is also looking great, despite having gotten off to a bit of a rough start in the heat. The cucumbers and summer squash are waning a bit earlier than usual, but we somehow have been continuing to get just enough harvest to put some in the shares and we’ll see how long that continues. Carrot germination has been poor all summer so I’m not sure how much we’ll get, or if we might need to wait another week. We pulled all of the onions from the field to cure on Thursday. This is a bit earlier than usual and the size is a bit smaller, but they weren’t going to get any bigger so it was time. We’ll give those out over the next few weeks.

I’m mostly glad to see that this coming week again has a weather forecast more more typical than the heat waves of early July and August. Still, for the crops’ sake I hope we can get some more dry, warm weather later in September and October. In addition to pulling the onions, we also harvested the first of the dry beans this year, a kind of side project for the farm. They still need to be cleaned, which usually takes me a few months to get to. When I do get them cleaned I’ll let folks know if there are extras for sale. We still have lots more that are ripening in the field, as well as popcorn, polenta and winter squash for the fall CSA shares.

A quick reminder that our Labor Day plan is to move that week’s CSA harvest and pick-up from Monday to Tuesday – that’s not for a couple of weeks but I was planning for I now so I thought I’d mention it. There are 13 weeks total of summer CSA so we have three more weeks after this coming week and then it’s on to fall!

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