7th Summer CSA Share Predictions

The shares are getting denser and less bulky as we move away from the spring greens and into more dense fruits and roots. My best guess for next week is: more tomatoes, romano beans, summer squash, cucumbers, potatoes, parsley and a smaller head of red leaf lettuce. On the farm stand I’m hoping we’ll have some of the eggplants that are just starting, and a few oddball heads of cabbage that were a bit of an experiment, as well as some basil and extra lettuce.

Yesterday we planted fennel, seeded winter radishes and carrots and got a good bit of weeding done. Despite the heat it was a productive day and for the second time this year we’re adding an extra round of irrigation this week to try to keep the plants happy, especially the newly planted ones.

We sent an email to CSA members earlier this week about some vandalism we’ve had at the farm – most importantly a number of the shares that were left were scattered and smashed up. Our best guess at this point, based on what the aftermath looked like and reports from our neighbor, is that it was mostly the work of a marauding raccoon that’s been haunting the neighborhood. There’s also been a bit of obviously non-raccoon damage, but more minor, we’ll keep our fingers crossed that it stays in the category of mildly annoying. We’ll probably start working on constructing a simple cabinet to protect the after hours bags in the future. Reports this morning are that all of last night’s after-hours bags were collected and no sign of raccoons so that’s some happier news!