Summer CSA share – Week 6 of 13

Today’s share includes: lettuce, red onions, cucumbers, summer squash, romano beans, carrots, basil and the first tomatoes of the season. We’re about a week behind in harvesting lettuce and with the recent heat and sunny days two plantings are both past ready to be harvested so two heads are going in this week’s share, also a good thing since we’re done with the other greens for a while. We’ll be alternating red and sweet onions for a few weeks to keep things spicy. The first of the tomatoes in the hoop house were ripe today, and we harvest most of them when they’re ripe, but not dead ripe, meaning they’ll be best if you let them sit on the counter for a few days before slicing into them. It takes a little patience, but you’ll end up with much better tomatoes in the end as they’ll actually make it to your house without exploding, and you won’t have to eat them the second you get home from pick up. In related farm news, the first of the cherry tomatoes are just starting in the pick your own area so you might start looking for samples of those when you show up to pick up your shares.

Today was a pretty exciting planting day. We managed to get a big fall planting of lettuce and all of our radicchio planted. We’re trialing a bunch of new varieties alongside a few standards. If they work we’ll have them on the farm stand this fall. We also managed to seed some cover crop in the finished potato beds from two weeks ago, and clean up some weeds in recent carrot, lettuce and chard plantings. Thursday should be another big planting day with fennel, rutabaga, winter radishes, and carrots on all in the plans.