Summer CSA share – Week 5 of 13

Today’s share includes: lettuce, potatoes, cucumbers, summer squash, romano beans, sweet onion, chard. Our favorite romaine lettuce hasn’t been germinating well this year so instead we’ve been planting out extras of the other lettuces and so this week it’s a mix of our butter and red leaf we’re harvesting, some folks will get one, some the other. Red Norland potatoes are in the share, and Monday folks are getting the rest of their share of the Yukons (we were a little too conservative when we gave them out two Mondays ago). Just an initial sampling of the romano beans, but we’re hoping we might have a larger share at some point in the future. These are super tender even when they’re really big! The first fresh sweet onions of the year are in the share today and we’ll also have more of those as they continue to size up over the next few weeks – the variety is Ailsa Craig, and it’s the same style onion as the better known Walla Walla sweets – with a little more character. This is definitely the last harvest of chard for a while and after this we’re pretty much out of bunch greens until later in September, although we might have a little extra on the farm stand for another week or so.

In the field we have a slight lull in the fall planting schedule so we’re catching up on the weeding, and keeping the tomatoes trained. The crew powered through a rare bit of hand weeding the last two days – terrible grasses in a bed of carrots, and the two beds of fall leeks. We’ll try to stay on top of things with the hoes to prevent more future hand weeding.