Fall Predictions – Week 9 of 9

We’re going to shoot for a little larger share for the final week. Pretty much everything in the share should keep well in the fridge if you don’t get to it right away, even some of the greens. Here’s what I’m expecting:

Chard, kale and collards, radicchio, sugarloaf and escarole, arugula and mustard greens, leeks, onions, hakurei turnips, parsnips, carrots, and popcorn.

On the greens we’ll see how much we can get of all of those and it will likely be some mixed options. The radicchio and sugarloaf have been maturing slowly so I’m hoping more will be ready next week. The escarole still has some tip burn but it is super tasty with a little extra effort to clean. We should have a good quantity of arugula and enough for small bunches of mustard greens.

There’s some possibility that we may also have parsley, beets, small rutabaga, watermelon radishes, and even lettuce! It’s also possible that we might open some of those up for you-pick if we don’t have time to pick them ourselves, or if the quantities or sizes don’t make sense so come a little early to take advantage of the last light of the afternoon if you want to do a little gleaning.

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