Fall Share – Week 8 of 9

In today’s share: spinach, Gilfeather rutabaga, shallots, celeriac or parsnip, chard or kale or collards, little daikons, and sugarloaf or treviso chicory.

One more week and we’re cutting it a little tight this year both on maturity dates and quantities of some of the produce in the field. It’s easy for me to see the shortfalls in the field, but the actual shares themselves have seemed pretty good in the end – and certainly delicious. Here are some notes on the items in the shares this week:

Gilfeather rutabaga (or turnips, depending on who you ask) are a bit small but are still delicious and very sweet. We didn’t thin them and there was a bit of a mix up when they got seeded which means we have more than we intended to, but they’re also smaller – that kind of evens out quantity but makes a little more work. The same goes for the daikons.

We’re just a tad short on celeriac so parsnips are an alternate option. We’ll have more, maybe of both, next week and they’re big! But they both store very well and you can just hack off pieces and use them over time.

The sugarloaf and radicchio are right on the edge of making tight heads but are not all quite there yet so they’ll be mixed option both this week and next as I selectively harvest just the ones that are most ready.

We’ll harvest everything that’s left next week so expect an even larger share then.

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