Fall Predictions – Week 7 of 9

It was dark and scary at CSA pick up last night. This weekend we will turn our clocks back which will only make it darker – fortunately the scary part was just Halloween so we’re done with that. Due to the dark we’ll be shortening regular pick up hours for November to 4:30 to 6:00, and we’ll make bags for anyone who doesn’t show up during those hours.

Crops are growing very slowly this time of year but here’s my best guess at next week’s share: Escarole, arugula or mustard, chard, leeks, kohlrabi, winter radishes and carrots. There are a few crops that we have small quantities left of in the field, not enough for a full CSA distribution but enough that we’ll probably harvest them and give choices of one or the other, or offer them for sale on the farm stand.

The frosty mornings this week were just enough to start sweetening up a lot of the vegetables and the temperatures never really got cold enough for long enough to do significant damage to anything. The dry, sunny conditions make field work much more pleasant but oddly I’m finding myself missing the rain a bit, and it wouldn’t be bad to get another shot of water in the ground to help some of the crops bulk up a bit. On the other hand, one of the things I love about eating from the farm is that the weather dictates what’s good, and when, and it makes some of the decisions for us encouraging constant creativity.

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