Fall Predictions- Week 6 of 9


The forecast for next week makes it look we’ll get the September we missed out on. I can’t decide if this is a good thing or not, but it should certainly make working in the fields a little more pleasant. I keep predicting parsley and one of these week’s it’ll make it into the shares. Chard, kale, collards and cabbage will continue with a pick one theme. Mustard greens or arugula are also likely in the greens category, and I’m hoping we’ll get one more round of head lettuce before we get into our chicory harvests. For roots we’ll probably have beets and Hakurei salad turnips. Parsnips are also in the plan and we’ll do a little exploratory digging on Monday to see what we can get. Storage onions of one sort or another will fill out the shares

We took advantage of the lovely weather to do a little more clean up in the fields. The cover crop that got seeded last week looks like it’s starting to come up well. All of the irrigation tape and sprinklers are out of the fields now. The tomatoes are strangely hanging on and still producing a few decent tomatoes so we’ll leave those up. With this weather I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few sweet peppers ripening. We may open those up for you-pick next week if so – although it’s quite possible that cold, clear nights this weekend might actually do them in finally.

Two final notes: Thursday is Halloween! Tiiu is planning on offering face painting at pick up that evening to anyone who’s interested (4:30-6:00). Second, the first week of November (in two weeks) is the end of Daylight Savings so pick-up hours will be extra dark. We’ll have lights at pick-up, but we’ll also only be staffing the pick-up until 6:00 for the November evenings.

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