Summer Share – Week 11

Beets, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, summer squash, peppers, and lettuce. A pretty solid summer share and it’s nice to see the peppers coming on. The hot peppers are starting to ripen as well. We don’t put those in the CSA shares but they are in the pick your own section, and we’ll try to have some on the farm stand for folks who want them. We’re growing jalepeños, szentesi, and aji dulce. The szentesi are cute little red balls that have very sweet, thick walls, and nice spicy interiors. The aji dulce are a bit slower to ripen but we had one today. They look a bit like a small orange habeñero, but they’re not nearly as hot and they have an incredible citrus flavor.

The share has the last of the sweet onions for the season. The beets are with their greens, which are basically chard and should be very good eating.

Monday (which I guess is actually Tuesday this week) is seeing samples of the little Tsakoniki eggplant that Thursday got samples of a few weeks ago. For a few reasons (cold weather and pests primarily) the eggplant hasn’t been producing much this year so we’ve just been putting the small quantities that it is putting out on the farm stand for folks who really love it.

For pick your own there are tons of cherry tomatoes right now, and the flowers also need to be picked. We’ve opened up the romano beans for u-pick out in the field. You’ll have to sort through some over ripe ones, but there are still good ones in there too. As always, there are lots of herbs in the u-pick too.

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