Summer Share – Week 10

A slightly bigger share today than originally planned. We pulled all of the Amarosa fingerling potatoes today so there’s a big pile of those. We’re giving them all out now but they’ll keep in a cool dark place – a cupboard or the fridge – for months if you don’t use them right away. At this point we only have one more variety of potatoes left to dig. Tomatoes are coming in strong right now and the cucumbers and summer squash are still holding on. For the second year in a row the chard is holding well through the summer so big bunches of that, as well as a good sized head of butter lettuce for the greens. All of the onions are out of the ground now and we’re slowly cleaning them. Two red onions in this week’s share. For the most part the onions we’re giving out will also keep well in a corner of the kitchen for at least a few months – the one exception there might be the sweet onions we gave out last week and will probably give out one more time. Sweet peppers are just starting and we’ve got Jimmy Nardellos , which look hot, but are probably the sweetest we grow, and just a few of the first liebesapfels, a nice round paprika type with thick walls.

I like vegetable varieties with good stories and with the Amarosa potatoes I always feel the need to mention that it’s a variety that was bred here in Oregon at OSU. I had the opportunity to grow it before it was a named variety. The lettered and numbered designation for the breeding line at that point started with POR. Because it looks a bit like small sausages with it’s all red flesh, for some reason Porgy Pig is the name that always comes to mind. Amarosa is probably a nicer name, with no copyright issues, but I’ll always think of them as the Porgy Pig potatoes.

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