Spring Share – Week 4

The peas have just started this week and today’s share has the first of the snow peas. Our second plantings of spinach and arugula are looking great so there’s a good quantity of those. Lettuce continues with a new variety for us, Brown Goldring, that comes highly recommended for its flavor – the insects seem to like it too and there’s a bit of chewing on the wrapper leaves but I’m hoping the hearts will be a hit. Hakurei turnips continue, and we’re giving out the last of the choi this week.

In more news from the field: The beets were weeded today and are looking good. We also finally got around to planting some cut flowers in the you pick section for later in the year. We also already turned in the first of the spring planted cover crops to get ready for some summer plantings of cabbage and beets and the earliest bed has already been reseeded to beans. Summer is coming quickly.