Spring Share – Week 4 Predictions

Here’s my best guess at next week’s share, with the caveat that my batting average so far on these has been mediocre:

Romaine lettuce (or at least some sort of lettuce), and Hakurei turnips are the two items I’m pretty sure of. Lots of possibilities on greens and I’m not sure which yet but chard, spinach, arugula and kale are all in the running. I’ve been hearing good responses to the fava greens so I’m tempted to include those one last time before we let the plants put all of their energy into making beans. The fennel has been sizing up slowly, might still be a few weeks out on that. Similarly carrots and peas are looking close, but probably still have a couple of weeks. Beets are another that are on the cusp. There’s probably at least one more thing I’m forgetting.

Today we finally got all of the drip tape down for the season and we even had some time to start hoeing the mad flush of weeds that wet weather brought on. The fields are looking pretty good and the weather looks very promising for the near future.