Sprin Share – week 2

Well, I was a little off in my prediction but not too far. In the share today: more spinach and arugula, a head of lettuce, D’Avignon radishes, Dazzling Blue kale, and fava greens.

Our first crop of spinach did better than expected so we’ve got a bit more for this week. Similarly, I always plant a bit of extra arugula just in case we need it in the spring – and whether we need it or not we’re harvesting it and it’s delicious! Our lettuce this week is a mix of heads, giving a little choice at the pick up – all varieties we’ll continue to have (Nevada is pictured). The radishes are big and beautiful, and very tender- it’s because we gave them plenty of space.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to prepare any of the vegetables, remember to check out Katherine’s cookwithwhatyouhave.com website.

In the field today we planted out all of the tomatoes for the year. I was especially happy that we got to hoeing the onions and leeks and potatoes, as well as a few other crops. With a little luck we’ll get the peppers and eggplant planted on Thursday.