Week 2 predictions

The first week of CSA harvests is done, now we start thinking about week 2. Here’s my first in a weekly series of guesses of shares for the following week:

Most likely are lettuce (probably just one head from here out), small kale bunches, fava greens, spinach (fingers crossed it doesn’t bolt). Outside possibilities are radishes (light germination so probably just a few), green onions (still small, but maybe..).

There’s likely something else I’m completely forgetting, but we’ll see.

The photo above is the Spanish tortilla I made with my eggs from @terrafarmers and the last of the potatoes from 2018 that have been stored in my refrigerator since the summer. We’ve been a distribution site for Terra Farma’s excellent egg shares for a number of years now and I think they might still have a few egg shares available – check their website if you’re interested.

In the background of that photo are this year’s potato plants, which are all up, and looking good. By this time next week the entire farm should be planted out with all of the summer crops and we’ll be thinking about seeding fall crops in the greenhouse soon.