7th Summer Share, Week 13

Another hot week, another round of vegetable goodness from the farm. We’ve got the same number of items in the share this week as most weeks, but mostly dense fruits and roots, and no bulky greens so it looks a bit smaller. Tomatoes are really starting to produce, and the first large slicers went out today along with the Matina saladettes. We also planted a row of Ulysses Edera sauce tomatoes that we’re selling at the farm stand, and they’ll probably make it into the share at some point as well.

Summer squash and cucumbers are slowing down a bit, but we’ll keep them in the shares as long as we can. Lettuce is also a little smaller this week with today getting Dark Green Romaine and Thursday likely getting Samanta, our red heads. Beets are back with the variety 3 Root Grex, a multi-colored, multi-shaped mix all in one planting.

Basil is doing really well this year so we have nice bunches this week. The onions also look good and this week we have more of the Monastrell red onions we gave out a few weeks back.

As always, there are plenty of culinary herbs, cut flowers and cherry tomatoes in the u-pick section. I recommend sampling the cherry tomatoes as you pick to figure out what stage of ripeness you like best.

That’s it for this week’s share. We’re selling more of the Romano beans at the farm stand and extra basil for those who might want to make a big batch of pesto. We’ll have a few other items as well, including the very popular Padron peppers. Up until now the only way to pay at the farm stand was to put it on your tab, but as of today I’ve decided that we can take exact change if you really prefer to pay in cash (we won’t make change though, sorry about that).

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