Week 10 Predictions

This heat in the forecast is actually feeling like it’s coming at a good time to help us transition into some of the hot weather crops of summer that are just about to come on in the field. We’re still waiting for the field cucumbers, tomatoes, and eggplant to all come on and I’m hoping some good heat will help speed that up.

While we wait for those crops we should continue to have lettuce, and maybe some collards as another green in the share. The Provider bush beans are still producing, and we’re considering digging a second variety of potatoes. If you can’t use the potatoes in such rapid succession they’ll keep pretty much indefinitely in the fridge. Another item that will keep if you can’t use it right away is garlic. We’re giving out the garlic early this year because it’s difficult for us to store it all together, but it should be relatively simple for most of you to just find a dry place to let it sit in your kitchen until you need it. The outer wrappers will dry down with time, but you can use it at any stage from here out by peeling the cloves (full heads roasted or grilled until very soft are also an amazing treat!)

The summer squash is sure to continue as a staple. We’re debating the timing on beets and fresh onions, we’ll have to see how they look next week. We’ll probably take a break from carrots, but they’ll be back in the not too distant future.

As always, there are pick-your-own flowers that need to be cut so take advantage of those. The pick-your-own culinary herbs are also there for cutting. Not sure what will be at the farm stand but I’m sure it will be good.