Week 9 Predictions

The summer squash is picking up steam and next week we should have the first of the green beans. It’s definitely starting to feel much more like summer in the fields. We’ll continue with lettuce, likely Samantha which is the red leaf lettuce we’re growing this year. Carrots should continue next week as well. We’ve been giving out the carrots on the small side as we didn’t cover the early ones and they were starting to show signs of rust fly damage. After next week we should have a little gap in the carrot harvest as we wait for the first covered planting to size up a bit more. The kale doesn’t love this warm weather, but I’m hopeful we’ll have one more round of Lacinato Rainbow next week. The hoop house cucumbers are slowing down a little after their initial big flush of fruit and we may have a small gap before the field cucs start producing. I did pick an early lemon cuc yesterday so look for those in the next week or two. Our harvest plan we made this winter says next week is the first week for new potatoes! I haven’t checked the actual potatoes but looking at the plants it’s likely we’ll have some young Yukon Golds in share. Garlic should be rounding out the shares for the next couple of weeks. We had a lot of rot in the field due to some irrigation troubles so unfortunately it’s not going to be a huge garlic year. We’re giving it all out early this year, before it’s fully cured. If you can’t use it right away just let it sit on your counter with some air flow around it and it will cure and last through the fall at least.

It’s been great to see so many CSA members taking advantage of the u-pick herbs and flowers. The flowers are really just starting to come in and we have calendula, statice, zinnias, sunflowers, bachelor buttons, and a few others on their way. The herbs are looking great right now. There’s still a little more cilantro (aka coriander) and dill out there. We also have parsley, chives, thyme, oregano, sage, Mexican tarragon, and lovage. Later in the summer we’ll have cherry tomatoes (pictured above) and hot peppers for u-pick so look forward to those and give yourself a little extra time at pick up to take advantage.