2nd Summer Share, Week 8

A day late on posting the photo. It was a bit of a crazy day on the farm. Tim was on vacation and we had a couple of new folks filling in for harvest in the morning. All in all we managed to get a bit chunk of the to-do list accomplished: lettuce, kale, cabbage, parsley and carrots all planted, and most of the cucumbers trellised! The distraction of new crew and filling in for pick-up duties meant that I didn’t even get around to taking a photo of the share until the end of night, and I’m just posting the summary this morning.

In the share was Jester, a nice crisp, and very delicate crisp head lettuce. True to prediction we saw more basil and Hakurei turnips, and those will be swapped for kohlrabi on Thursday. Our one crop of broccoli for the season started producing. We continue with Napoli carrots and a few more Shiraz red beets. We finally picked our spring planted favas. (Lots of questions at pick-up about shelling these – it’s not necessary to double shell unless you want to. My favorite is to take them out of the pod and sauté the beans, but they can also be boiled, or grilled in the pod.) Garlic will continue for a few more weeks. We pulled the rest of the crop and will be giving it out as we clean it. If you can’t use it immediately it will cure on your counter and keep for many months. Summer squash has started, and the cucumbers are slowing from their initial flush. Nash’s green kale and Basic arugula rounded out the share.

Right now we have lots of pick-your-own herbs on the farm and the cut flowers are starting to produce as well. Katherine’s Cook With What You Have website is a great resource for what to do with herbs as well as the vegetables. Hope you all have a great week. Stay tuned for predictions for next week on Thursday (or more likely Friday)…